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How do I prosecute for my dog being put down?


My baby was put down for no other reason than my ex (the one I entrusted with her) taking her to the vet and telling them that he wasn't going to spend any more money on her. I am the one on her paper work. They didn't call me. I talked to the vet. They assured me that they don't put animals to sleep just because. I had the vet do an autopsy. Now I want to prosecute him for killing my baby. How can I do this?


The police, local sheriffs, and certain humane organizations investigate animal cruelty complaints. In some states, designated peace officers or investigators from the district attorneys office investigate these complaints as well. However, it is unlikely that a law enforcement entity would bring criminal charges against a veterinarian for euthanizing an animal at the request of a person who was entrusted with the animal. Complaints against veterinarians can also be made with the state’s veterinary licensing board. In Missouri, the Veterinary Medical Board accepts such complaints. A form is online at its website. These boards have authority to suspend and revoke licenses. One can also bring a civil action for monetary damages against a veterinarian and a person who unjustifiably authorizes a veterinarian to euthanize an animal. 

Submitted by Anonymous
Answered by Elinor Molbegott


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