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Can a rescue take my adopted dog back for not altering it?


Can the rescue that I adopted my dog from come into my home or property and take my dog back? I am unable to get him altered at this time and now they want him back. What are my legal options at this time? I do not want them taking my dog.


Animal rescue groups and animal shelters generally consider the spaying/neutering requirement in their adoption agreements to be of the utmost importance. The right of a rescue or shelter to reclaim an adopted animal depends in large part on the terms of the adoption agreement. There is a tragic overpopulation problem of dogs and cats which results in many dogs and cats being euthanized and abandoned. There are many low-cost spay/neuter programs. For more information about such programs, contact your local humane society or North Shore Animal League America’s SpayUSA, a nationwide network and referral service for affordable spay/neuter,, 800-248-SPAY (7729). Spaying and neutering also provide health benefits to animals.

Submitted by Anonymous
Answered by Elinor Molbegott


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