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Do I have any rights to the pugs I sold that are now malnourished?


Back on 2/15/2013 I sold a pair of twin Pug girls to a young lady. A friend of mine noticed an Ad on Craigslist Orlando for their sale. The young lady was given the puppies still owing me $100 balance which was due on 2/22/2013 which I have the receipt for. I had approached her several times for the balance due but she always had an excuse. Ex: my boyfriend has my debit card so I can't get the money. When she received the puppies which were 2 months old at the time she promised she would take very good care of them. The pictures showed them very unhappy and under nourished(skin and bones). The friend that informed me of the Ad really wants the twins and contacted the young lady (21 years) but she has since removed the Ad since it had been flagged. I know the area in which she lives though the transaction was done at her previous place of employment and they have not heard from her. I emailed her and got no response back. My friend has tried several times herself with no contact. I want to get them back due to the lack of care of these soon to be 7 month old pups on the 21st of this month. Do I have any legal rights and if so what can I do? I am extremely worried about them. I know that Pugs eat a lot and require a lot of attention. I own their parents so I do know what to expect. Please I need your help. Thank you in advance.


If you can locate the dogs, I suggest you contact the local authorities with the power to enforce the animal cruelty laws to ask that they conduct an investigation. If there is a breach of a sales agreement, one can also sue for the return of animals or monetary compensation (depending on the terms of the agreement). Breeding animals and selling them online is a risky proposition for all, most importantly, the animals. When animals are no longer in one’s possession, getting them returned or ensuring their welfare is difficult. I hope you get those dogs who you still have spayed and neutered.

Submitted by Anonymous
Answered by Elinor Molbegott


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