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Son-in-law wants dog back after 4 years.


My daughter died 5 yrs ago. Her husband could not keep their dog after he had to move in with his mother. He has his own place now and is demanding I return the  dog.
I have the sister dog, they can't be separated after 4 yrs. My husband loves this dog, it would destroy him, the dog loves his litter mate, he has threatened to come and take him from us. The dog is registered to me. My daughter never registered her, after she died I registered her, had her spayed etc. My son in law  previously had 3 labs, which he took to a humane society and had put down because he couldn't have any dogs. I need your help, please! Thank you.


I suggest that if your daughter’s husband sues for the return of the dog, you hire an attorney to represent your interests and the interests of the dog. Given that you have cared for the dog for four years, it is very possible that a court would find that you are entitled to keep the dog, particularly if you have paid for the dog's care during this four year period.

Submitted by Anonymous
Answered by Elinor Molbegott


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