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Who owns the dogs - my ex or me?


My ex-boyfriend and I acquired 2 purebred dogs while together. I paid for the dogs and the vet bills. We are no longer together. Both names are on the AKC registration. I have paid for the license which is in his name. Who owns them??


In pet custody/ownership cases, courts will consider several factors to determine who gets to keep an animal, including, for example, who purchased/adopted an animal, under whose name an animal is registered, licensed, and/or microchipped, who paid for the animal’s care, and who is the primary caretaker of the animal. Sometimes a court will consider the best interests of the animal. Courts that consider animals as mere property (and many courts do) may simply award one dog to each person, and not consider that separating the dogs may not be in the dogs’ best interests. I hope you and your ex work out an arrangement which is best for the dogs.

Submitted by Anonymous
Answered by Elinor Molbegott


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