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Microchipping Your Pet: Emergency and Disaster Preparedness Tips


Experts predict that a major hurricane will hit the New York  City area every 80 years, but the last major storm to hit was in 1938, bringing that 80 year mark closer to a reality.

Whether a hurricane or other natural disaster hits your area this year or sometime in the next five years, you may only have a matter of hours to evacuate. This includes evacuating you, your family, and your pets. Are you prepared if you only had 12 hours to evacuate your home?

In 2005, Hurricane Katrina taught us a very important lesson - never leave your pets behind.  Your pets should always be included in your family's emergency evacuation plans. What would happen if you did evacuate with your pet, but you got separated? Is your pet's collar enough to get your beloved animal reunited with you? In most cases, the answer is no. While having a collar is extremely important, most of the information you keep on your pets tags include your home address and home phone number. When evacuating, it is possible you will not be at the address or phone number listed on the tag. A collar with tags can also easily come off or be removed.

Although it's always best to have your pets collar on with tags including your address, home phone number and cell phone number, microchipping your dog or cat will increase your chances of reuniting in case of separation during an emergency. By embedding a microchip with your contact information under your pet's skin, any veterinarian or animal facility will be able to identify the lost animal’s owners.

With one in three pets getting lost in their lifetime, ensure that your pet has a greater chance of being reunited. Microchip your pet today.


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