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Why Is Rescuing Better than Buying from a Pet Store?


Why should someone rescue an animal rather than purchase one from a pet store?


Rather than spending thousands of dollars at the local pet store, rescuing an animal from a shelter is much more rewarding since you are saving a life and also much less expensive. You can usually adopt a pet from your local shelter or rescue group for a modest adoption fee which will include vaccinations and spaying or neutering. Most shelters and rescue groups offer support services such as training and medical care for the adopted animal. On the other hand, most pet stores buy their animals from cruel puppy mills. When you buy an animal from a pet store, you are increasing the demand for the cruel supply of mill produced animals. Every animal adopted from a shelter whether it is a no-kill shelter or not, will help save a life.

Submitted by Looking for a Puppy
Answered by Joanne Yohannan


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