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Is Puppy Play Biting Normal?


Is puppy play biting normal?


Play biting or mouthing is a normal attention-seeking behavior that puppies use to be noticed and play with littermates. If your dog is too rough, typically another puppy will either bite back harder or "shun" the dog by ignoring him and walking away. Since dogs are "pack animals," which means they are born in a litter and live by a social hierarchy, when a dog enters a new home he perceives his new family as his pack of littermates.

He will get the attention the same way he would with his real littermates, by using his mouth. When a puppy puts teeth on flesh or clothing, they should be corrected effectively, consistently and swiftly so they can think twice about the consequence the next time they have the urge to grab and play bite. A good correction is a "shaker can" (empty soda can filled with some coins) which you use by shaking, without the puppy seeing you, if he/she should go to mouth you.

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