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Appropriate Scratching

Appropriate Scratching Places for Your Cat

It is a natural instinct for a cat to scratch and sharpen his/her claws.  As long as he/she is offered an appropriate place to scratch, your furniture and belongings should be safe.  There are many different types of posts available in pet stores.  Try to pick one that best suits your cat.

  • If your cat enjoys scratching leather or vinyl, choose a cardboard scratching post.
  • If your cat seems to prefer carpeted surfaces, choose the carpeted scratching posts.
  • If your cat prefers to scratch twine or rope bases, choose the thistle posts.
  • If the post you choose has a toy attached, stay away from ones with toys larger than a golf ball. This will most likely intimidate your cat and it will not be used.

When introducing your cat to the post, place it near where your cat sleeps. Cats usually like to stretch and scratch when they wake up. This way your cat has the perfect place for a scratch the moment he/she awakes. If your cat has already chosen your sofa as a post, try putting the post next to the sofa. This will offer an alternative, more appropriate place for your cat to do his/her stratching.

If you see your cat still using your furniture as a scratching post, try correcting his/her behavior. Shaking a can of coins or spraying your cat with a water pistol will startle him/her. They will begin to associate this unpleasant feeling with scratching the furniture. Never let your pet see you correct him/her, and never hit your cat! You do not want them to associate anything negative with you. Offer praise and/or treats if you see them using the proper scratching post.


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