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Paper Training

Paper Training Your Dog or Puppy

The choice to paper train or housebreak depends on the age of the dog. Paper training is generally used when the dog is too young to have the muscle control to hold his urine for more than a few hours. The general rule is that a dog can hold his urine for an hour longer than his age in months, example: a two month old can hold it for three hours. This is a general rule. Dogs are individuals and this may vary from dog to dog. When the dog remains dry overnight you can begin to housebreak him. There is no way to predict how long this will take or how long housebreaking will take because of individual differences in the dog and his environment.

The difference between housebreaking and paper training is the toilet area and method of confinement.

Dogs are clean animals; they do not like to eliminate where they eat and sleep. They prefer to eliminate on absorbent surfaces. This prevents them from standing in a pool of their own urine.
Confine the dog in a small area free of carpet using a gate. This should not be an isolated area such as a basement or a garage.

Provide the dog with water, something to chew and a bed on one side of the room. The dog should be fed in this area. You may use a crate with bedding as long as the door is left open so the dog has access to the paper. Put paper on the other side of the room.

Feed the dog at the same time everyday. Only leave the food down for 1/2 an hour. The dog should have water all day until after dinner or before bedtime.

Make sure the dog is supervised when out of this area and has access to it. If the dog has an accident in front of you, say," no" and bring him to the paper to show him the proper place to go. If you find an accident just clean it up using an enzyme cleaner such as "Eliminate or Natures Miracle".

The four most likely times for a dog to eliminate are after eating, exercise or excitement and upon waking. Attach a word to the action of eliminating such as "empty." Do this AS the dog is urinating or defecating not before or after. This will ease the transition when teaching the dog to eliminate outside.


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