Welcome to the Family!

Have you ever noticed that animal lovers never run out of stories about their wonderful pets? That’s the idea behind The Mutt-i-grees® Family Album.

Celebrate your treasured dogs and cats by posting and sharing photos and favorite anecdotes and stories.

It doesn’t matter if your pets were adopted from shelters or rescue groups, strays you found on the street, or dogs and cats whose original owners no longer wanted them. As long you didn’t buy them, they’re all Mutt-i-grees — and they’re all welcome in The Mutt-i-grees Family Album! So, tell the world about the Mutt-i-grees who share your life today…and those who live on in your memory.

You’ll also have a chance to register your dog or cat as an authentic Mutt-i-gree, with official papers proving that your rescue pet is one of a kind!