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What is Rescue Rewards?

Rescue Rewards is part of our ongoing charitable fundraising program to promote animal adoption. If you have made the choice to save a pets' life by adopting a shelter or rescue pet, then you're part of the movement to end euthanasia. Make it official by becoming a member of Rescue Rewards by signing up. You'll receive great discounts from participating sponsors who love pets as much as you do.

What are the benefits?

It's easy and free to sign-up for Rescue Rewards! Just for signing up now, you'll receive your very own papers for your rescued pet that you can proudly display. You'll also receive great offers from our partners such as Purina, Kong, PetPlan, and Frontline. There's nothing else to do! There are no purchase requirements or spending minimums. Rescue Rewards wants to thank you for rescuing and saving the life of a pet.

How do I get started?

Simply click the 'Enter Here' button below and fill out the Mutt-i-grees Registry. By answering the questions on the Mutt-i-grees Registry form, you are joining the Rescue Rewards program which makes you eligible to receive great discounts and recognition from our partners. There's nothing else to do except wait for the benefits to start rolling in!


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What is MyLeague

Join hundreds of thousands of animal lovers by becoming a member of MyLeague. Membership is always free, quick and easy.

Your free membership lets you support the Animal League’s rescue efforts any way that you choose. Whether you sign a pledge, volunteer, fundraise, or share your videos with other members – you’re a champion of shelter pet rescue.

Your MyLeague membership also entitles you to receive Members-Only benefits, including personalized communications and special offers for both you and your pet.