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Like a duck on a June bug!

Posted by on September 16, 2009

Hi it’s me, Little Ike, if you haven’t met me yet, see my September 9th blog! So here is an update from me…

Tuesday was a bunch of planning and paperwork. Diane, Mike and Claire were buzzin around like honeybees making sure to get as many animals onto the big rig as possible. It was a happy day, too, because before we even hit the road, some of the animals got adopted, and we were able to fill those spots with other fellas who needed homes too. So on board we have 29 dogs, seven cats and seven kittens - makin’ a total of 43 animals that were saved from hurricane-evacuated shelters and the shelter in San Antonio. These Animal League people are on homeless animals like a duck on a June bug!

Well, that’s all for now… I’ll be talkin’ to ya with another Hurricane Rescue Mission update real soon.

Ike, on behalf of the Rescue Team: Diane, Mike and Claire

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