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Little Ike

Posted by on September 9, 2008

Hi y’all. My name is Little Ike. I’m a puppy. I reckon I’m only about 10 weeks old, but I’ve already had more excitement than you could imagine.

You see, I got caught up in a big storm! Dust and branches were flyin’ everywhere and the roads looked more like the Rio Grande. I was wanderin’ the flooded streets when a nice little lady came by and gave me a ride. She told me not to worry – that she’d make sure I’d get to safety right quick.

We came across a huge camper truck that had cats and doggies painted all over it. It had “North Shore Animal League America” written across the side. Well, if you’re thinking that I stumbled upon some mighty good luck, you wouldn’t be mistaken.

The Animal League said I could hitch a ride with them until they found me a real home. So to earn my feed, I’m writing this here blog to give Diane, Claire and Mike a break. They sure are good people.

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