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Startin' Anew!

Posted by on October 14, 2008

Hi everybody,

Ike here reportin’ from North Shore Animal League America in New York! I’m havin’ just the best time ever over here. Everyday I get to play and walk and run and eat and get special hugs and kisses.

I was a little worried when they told me I was goin’ to the big city. But I have to tell ya – everyone has just been peachy-keen. Did I mention belly rubs? I get lots of those! And I suspect I’ll be getting tons more – know why? I’VE BEEN ADOPTED.

Yep. Only a few days here and already I’m headin’ out the door. I’m gonna miss all these kind Animal League folks. They sure do care about animals. And I’m gonna miss all the animals, too. Most of these fellas have been here a lot more than just a few days. It’s a shame.

Take Nicky, for example. Ncky is just over 1 year old and he’s a real hoot! He has been here quite a while – almost six months! Maybe it’s because he’s a big ol’ boy with lots of energy – I don’t know. But I tell ya right now, he’s got a heart of gold and is a real looker, too.

Then there’s Mel and Amelia. These two senior cats have been at the Animal League for about a year now. They are really great cats – they’re only here because their owner died. Sometimes, people pass by the older animals cause pups and kitts are so cute and frisky. But older pets need love too!

Yeah, I sure am gonna miss this place. But the good news is that I’m a bonified “New Yawker” now and I could visit any time I want. Thank you, Animal League, for givin’ me a new life and for takin’ care of so many homeless fellas. And thank you to all the kind folk who support the Animal League and help them do what they do so well!

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