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Mobile Rescue Unit 1: The Game Plan

Posted by on September 2, 2008

Hello to All,

Well another day was spent here at Birmingham. We spent the day getting in touch with shelters and others contacts that were stationed in Louisiana. We are on hold until we get the green light to go the affected areas for safety reasons since the storms are still present.

In the meantime, Hank and I went to the Civic Center and helped clean and take care of the animals there. It was nice to see that the owners were always coming by and checking on them, as well as cleaning, feeding and watering them. All the animals were in great condition.

As we were helping out in the Birmingham shelter with cleaning and walking dogs, we turned to the driveway and what a sight to behold. The second mobile rescue unit had arrived! We were glad to see they got here safely. So we all gathered in Jacque’s office and discussed a plan of action for the next day. We filled in the second team as to what had occurred the day before.

We had contacted several groups and offered our help. There was a group that was stationed in Jackson, MS and they had pulled out of their shelter, which was in the path of the storm. So we had set up a tentative plan with Jacque to help her move animals from Jackson to Birmingham. From there, we would send any adoptable animals back to North Shore Animal League America where they would be placed into loving homes.

As for any other assistance that is needed here, we are glad to help.

Til then
Jen and Hank

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