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Mobile Rescue Unit 2: Camp Katrina

Posted by on September 4, 2008

Thursday morning we got up bright and early, real early considering there was a fire in the hotel we were staying at. The fire was small and contained but it really gave us the jump start we needed since we were extra tired from yesterday’s rescue.

Our trip to Tylertown, aka Camp Katrina, was very eventful. Claire, Steve, Diane and Joe from Greater Birmingham departed to assist in a transport back home again. We picked up 38 dogs from this area along with supplies for the make shift shelter these poor animals were evacuated to and transported them back home again safe and sound. The dogs were very happy to return home free of Hurricane Gustav in Algiers, LA just outside of New Orleans. The house that we transported the animals to suffered over $400,000 in damages during Hurricane Katrina because they are right across from the Mississippi and the levees. Although the traffic going back into New Orleans was time consuming the animals are once again in a much better place than where they were evacuated to and we were happy to help them.

Jen and Hank stayed behind to finish up all of the paperwork for the animals we rescued from Mississippi that were evacuated from Belle Chasse, LA. Those animals as well as others from Gulf Port, Mississippi and Birmingham, Alabama we will bring up Friday on the two rescue rovers to New York. We will have to drive all day and night to get these guys home. We always stop to feed, walk and give water to all of our passengers along the way. We would never want to spare the comfort of these little guys that have been through so much already. Once back at the shelter they will all be seen by our veterinarian staff, medically assessed, spayed or neutered if necessary and then after being evaluated by our pet behavior team they will be placed up for adoption. We can’t wait until all of them are in new loving homes.

This was a very tiring day for all especially the drivers who had to endure 16 hours of driving. The driver’s dedication the Animal League’s mission and the animals cannot go unmentioned. It has been nonstop driving, loading, walking, cleaning and handling animals since we left for Alabama Sunday and Monday. They are what teamwork and love for the animals really means. To think, the worse day yet is to come Friday with the drive home.

We will report how the trip home went when we return Saturday.

Diane, Claire and Steve

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Submitted by Margaret on: September 28, 2010
Please email me if you need any temporary or permanent parents for these animails.


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