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Mobile Rescue Unit 2: Heading South

Posted by on September 1, 2008

The second Rescue Rover team left on this beautiful Labor Day. It is hard to think looking out the window at such a nice day that there is so much rain and destruction to the south of us. During our short trip so far we have seen several convoys of electrical workers, from New York and New Jersey traveling down the country just like us to help people they don’t know. Stopping at a rest area we were approached by a nice gentleman asking if we were heading down to help out. Our reply of course, was yes we certainly are. He was very happy to hear us say we were and blessed us as he knew we would help the helpless animals in need there. He wished us a safe journey as he walked away. Everywhere we have traveled to we are always greeted by supporters that really help us to complete our missions.

We will keep you posted as to rescue developments tomorrow once we reach Alabama working along with our shelter partner, Greater Birmingham Humane Society in an effort to see who needs assistance.

Diane, Claire and Steve

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