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Mobile Rescue Unit 2: Helping out in Birmingham

Posted by on September 2, 2008

Today we are excited to get to Alabama to see old friends and co-workers at Greater Birmingham Humane Society. Jen has informed me that they were currently on their way to the shelter that is set up at the civic center in Birmingham. People have brought their animals along with them to the evacuation center thank goodness, so they are going to see if they need any help at all. It had to take something as bad as Katrina to include animals in the evacuation process, but at least it is working. Hopefully all areas will be as progressive.

We arrived at Birmingham shortly after 2 pm Tuesday afternoon. We were greeted by the NSALA drivers as well as old friends from the Greater Birmingham Humane Society that we worked with for Hurricane Katrina. We met and made some calls to groups and shelters in need of assistance today.

Tomorrow we plan on traveling to Jackson, Mississippi to assist a shelter from Louisiana. They evacuated last week from Hurricane Gustav to Mississippi so the animals would be safe. Now they are afraid to travel with the animals back to Louisiana with more storm threats still on the way to the coast. That is where we come in. Since we have the mobile units here on site already, we would take their animals to the safety of our shelter so they could have a new beginning and new life with loving adoptive families. This would help free up the shelter in Louisiana so they could have space available for any increase that might occur from upcoming potential storms. There are four shelters that have all gathered in this one shelter in Mississippi currently and the one shelter that contacted us is overwhelmed and would really like our help. We will also be offering the other shelters assistance while we are there.

We will keep you updated tomorrow on the progress we have made.

Diane, Claire and Steve

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