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Mobile Unit 1: Staying Behind Just As Important

Posted by on September 4, 2008

Well another day was spent at the Greater Birmingham Humane Society. Hank and I chose to stay behind and take care of the animals, which were rescued the day before. Along with identifying which dog was which, we also found littermates and reunited them. We took the time to get to know some of them and see the personalities they had. Some were a little unsure of what was going on, but very sweet none the less. Yet others were so glad to get out of a cage and have some playtime and we were thanked with a bunch kisses and leaps for joy.

During the day we were able to place the new North Shore Animal League adoption tags and collars on them. Also I made the sheets that were necessary to inform the staff back at the Animal League the number of animals and the total breakdown of canines and felines. Hank also took the opportunity during the day to check on the Mobile Rescue Unit. He made sure the tank was full of fuel and any other routine maintenance that might have been necessary. This would help greatly in the morning for a quick departure.

As we were going through the list of animals and mapping out where they would be placed between both Mobile Rescue Units, we began to notice there would be some extra room. So we asked the Greater Birmingham Humane Society if there were any animals they would like us to rescue from them. They were greatly appreciative and selected a few for us. This way it would free up some space for them to continue any other rescue efforts that might occur after we depart for New York.

We kept in contact with Diane and her Mobile Rescue Unit 2 team who were off on another mission to return animals from Tylertown, MS back to Algiers, LA. Throughout the day they were caught in some heavy traffic with people returning home to Louisiana. We were glad to hear Mobile Rescue Unit 2 arrived safely in Louisiana and all the animals they were transporting were doing well. On last word at about 8 pm, they were making their way back to Birmingham, AL and had just crossed into Mississippi. We wished them a safe return trip.

We informed them the animals were all ready to go and the Mobile Rescue Unit 1 was already set up with the cages ready for the animals to be placed in them. We also coordinated with the staff at the shelter on the following days events. All the animals will be fed breakfast at the shelter and all the dogs will be walked prior to going on any of the units. Hank and I will be at the shelter early in the morning doing any last minute follow ups. We will also be setting up the Mobile Rescue Unit 1 for the trip home, while the second team gets some much needed and well deserved rest. Once all teams meet at the shelter in the morning we will depart for home.

Well we will be heading home on Friday morning with plenty of furry new friends looking for loving homes.

Til then,
Jen and Hank

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