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Ike Rescue Unit: Riding Through Ike

Posted by on September 14, 2008

Riding through Ike today was a little challenging. We had some wind gusts in Tennessee and rain for a while driving through the outer bands. We continued on all the way just over the Texas border. We touched base with the shelter in San Antonio who informed us that they did indeed fair the storm well. However, it was still very overcrowded at the shelter and their staff was assisting at the Convention Center where people had evacuated with their pets.

The Galveston and Gulf Coast shelters are still not sure how their shelters did during the storm because they cannot get back in yet. Corpus Christi’s shelter thankfully made it through well. We were told the Houston SPCA is busy answering rescue calls in the area for pets that were in need of assistance in the city to be rescued. We will not know more information until Monday as many shelters aren’t in operation on Sunday.

Monday we will arrive in San Antonio by late morning. Then we will be able to go through the shelter and select as many animals as possible to bring them to the Animal League to be adopted. We will hopefully learn that the other shelters that fled with their animals from the storm will get the go ahead to return.

Will fill everyone in more tomorrow after we visit the shelter and let you know what we will be preparing to transfer back to our shelter.

Diane, Claire and Mike

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