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Ike Rescue Unit: The Good Samaritan

Posted by on September 15, 2008

Monday morning, it is a beautiful day here in Texas. As we were traveling through the state we noticed how nice the scenery was with huge ranches all full of horses and cows. We stopped along the way at a gas station and were greeted by a Good Samaritan that asked us if we knew of any animal shelters around the area. As we walked closer to the car we found out why. She had this cute black puppy with white markings on his paws looking up at us from the floor of the passenger side. The woman went on to say she found it on the side of the road. Not being from around the area we said that we did not know of any shelters but explained that we were on our way to an Antonio to conduct a rescue and would take the poor little guy with us. I immediately thought that “Ike” would be a cute name for our new little friend. The woman was very grateful that the pup was going to be safe and find a good home with us.

We set up a cage for him and gave him water and food. After a little while of driving he settled right down and took a nap. We all agreed that he must have been exhausted running around the side of the highway. Thank goodness this wonderful woman came along picked the puppy up. Everything happens for a reason so they say. I guess that is why we just happened to come along and stopped at that particular gas station.

We arrived at San Antonio’s shelter in Bexar County and got the grand tour for Mike and me since it was our first time there. Claire was fully familiar with the set up as she has partcipated in our annual Tour for Life events with them for the past six years. The shelter was very welcoming and has a terrific set up for people to go outside with the dogs to meet with them. We selected a whole bunch that we are going to rescue and bring back to the shelter. We are going to try and get as many on board to return back to the Animal League. We have selected some felines as well as dogs.

Tomorrow we are going back to the shelter in the morning to go over paperwork and records so that everything is in order for the long journey back home. We are hoping to fill our mobile rescue unit with as many rescued animals from the evacuated areas that we can. We learned that one of the shelters in Galveston that evacuated to the Humane Society of Bexar County, will take quite a while before it is up and running once again. So we are happy that we are able to rescue animals that were transported from Galveston. There are still more animals that will need to be rescued from affected areas, like Galveston, so we are planning to arrange another vehicle to come down here load up some more dogs to be placed for adoption with us.

We will update you tomorrow on and tell you more about “Ike” – our hurricane puppy.

Claire, Mike and Diane

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