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Hurricane Irene

Update: Thursday, September 1

Since the hurricane, the Animal League has safely reunited every pet that was housed on our 2 Emergency Rescue Mobile Units stationed at the Evacuation Shelter. 

Here’s what a few of those pet owners had to say about the Animal League’s efforts:

“I was very comforted to know that my animals were safe and really appreciated the hard work that the staff at NSALA put in to ensure that our pets were taken care of”
~Martha Brooks - Far Rockaway, NY

“I was overjoyed and relieved that you were there to keep my cats safe. You made a scary weekend so much easier”
~Charlotte Oliver - Oceanside, NY

Update: Sunday, August 28: A letter from the President

Irene hit the Tri-State area as a Category 1 Hurricane, and I want to thank you for your support during our Hurricane Irene Emergency Rescue efforts.

Our pre-hurricane preparations have ensured the safety of over 800 animals. Our Mobile Disaster Team deployed 5 Mobile Emergency Rescue units to remote areas on Long Island, before Hurricane Irene hit, to take animals out of shelters in areas where flooding was expected. We brought those animals back to our Port Washington, NY headquarters to be properly cared for during the hurricane. Read more...

Update: Sunday, August 28 (4:00pm)

With the worst of the weather seemingly behind people begin to reclaim the furry family members while giving us thanks for this safe haven during the storm. We remain here caring for them til the last one is picked up and headed safely home.

Ms. Sanchez, reunited with her dog, said of our emergency rescue efforts...."Amazing and a life saver! I cannot thank you enough"

Josh, a shihtzu mix is happy to be headed home, but is thankful for the safety of our emergency haven

Peanut is over the rescue operations and bidding farewell to those going home

Update: Sunday, August 28th (11:30AM)

We made it through the night. We had some flooding but nothing serious. Our Facilities staff was here and responded quickly with pumps to remove the water. We have a great staff here who braved the storm for the animals. Our staff is very dedicated and highly motivated to be a part of our mission. The animals did very well; they were very calm and mostly slept through the night. We gave all of the animals toys and blankets to keep them comfortable through the inclement weather. We are all awake, feeding, cleaning and giving the animals some well deserved love and attention for being so brave through the hurricane.

We have 16 Felines and 5 dogs from the town of Hempstead shelter located in Wantagh that we are keeping at North Shore to make room for any displaced animals from the hurricane. We are housing around 40 felines from Bobbi and the strays due to the Freeport shelter being evacuated. 7 felines were also taken from Brooklyn Animal Foster Care (BAFN). They also need to make any room for cats and kittens that will be displaced during the hurricane.

We have 2 units at Mitchell Field housing animals whose owners were evacuated; the animals are being cared for there. We have one unit at ARF that is also housing animals for any owners that are in the shelter there due to evacuation. Another unit is stationed at Brookhaven in case their shelter needs to be evacuated.

Update: Sunday, August 28th (9AM)

Animal League Rescue Associates toughed it out overnight - keeping vigil over the animals and the entire crew. The team was able to get some sleep, though the rescue mobile unit was swaying in the wind. All 90+ animals in their care remain safe and sound.

As morning rolls around, the winds are increasing, but they are buckling down and ready for the weather. All of our rescue mobile units are staffed, stocked, and team members are at the ready to help.

Update: Saturday, August 27th (11PM)

The animals that we are housing are starting to fall asleep after a long day.

We are expecting many more animals to come in through the night.

Update: Saturday, August 27th (7PM)

Great news!!!

85 animals are safe and sound at Mitchell field -all animals are doing well.

Update: Saturday, August 27th (6PM)

Brookhaven, NY and Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons

We have an emergency mobile rescue unit at the Town of Brookhaven Animal Shelter at 300 Horseblock Road, Brookhaven, NY.

We also have an emergency mobile rescue unit at the Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons at 90 Daniels Hole Road Wainscott, NY.

If you are evacuating, and need to find shelter for your pet, our mobile units are equipped to accommodate your cat or dog.

Update: Saturday, August 27th (5PM)

Mitchel Field Update (Uniondale, NY)

Our emergency rescue mobile unit at Mitchell Field is packed with animals. However, another mobile unit is on the way so we can accommodate more pets.

If you are in the area and need assistance with providing shelter for your pet, please visit us.

Update: Saturday, August 27th (4PM)

Our mobile rescue unit is stationed at Mitchel Field near Charles Lindbergh Boulevard, in Uniondale, NY.

We have dog food and cat food on our rescue unit, and we are able to house pets.

If you are being evacuated in this area, and need to find shelter for your pet - we are here to help!

Update: Saturday, August 27th (3PM)

Our Rescue Associates transported over 20 cats and several dogs from Bobbi & the Strays shelter to the Animal League where they are safe.

All animals will be brought back to Bobbi & the Strays after the hurricane.

Update: Saturday, August 27th (2PM)

We have room for 38 dogs/cats on our emergency rescue unit at Mitchel Field (on Charles Lindbergh Boulevard, Uniondale, NY).

People who are being evacuated to Nassau Community College can drop off their pets at our mobile unit (which is stationed in nearby Mitchel Field).

We have dog food and cat food on the unit.

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Are you prepared for Hurricane Irene? Make sure you and your pet are safe! Get disaster preparedness tips and see current "News from the Hurricane Zone" along with advisory and tracking maps (right). Please share this with other pet owners you may know!

Our Rescue Efforts: Emergency Rescue Teams Being Deployed

We are continually reaching out to local authorities and shelter and rescue partners, in Hurricane Irene’s anticipated path, and are offering significant support to help animal owners and shelters in need.

At least five of our Emergency Rescue Teams are being deployed to designated areas on Long Island, New York in anticipation of Irene’s effects.

  • Our largest Mobile Rescue Unit will be staged in Uniondale, NY at Mitchell Field, set up as one of Nassau County’s Emergency Disaster shelters.  As people arrive at that shelter with pets, the Animal League will be on hand to help them.
  • Another Mobile Rescue Unit will rescue animals from a Long Island shelter partner and transport them back to our Port Washington, NY facility.
  • Additional Mobile Rescue Units, loaded with food, medication and supplies, will be staged at shelter partner facilities across Long Island to provide added capacity and resources to help any animals displaced by Irene.
  • Long Island coastal communities are more heavily populated during the summer months, and are at high risk of being impacted by storm surges and flooding.
  • Our Emergency Rescue Team will monitor the hurricane and be on call round-the-clock, to conduct local rescues as necessary, pulling animals out of crowded shelters to open space in anticipation of animals being displaced by Irene.  We will continue to offer our support after the hurricane passes.

The Animal League will continue to provide important updates on Hurricane Irene and we ask all of our supporters to remain as prepared as possible, to keep family and pets safe.

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