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Hurricane Sandy Rescue Story: California Transplants Weather the Storm

Less than six months ago, Tim Pratt and his family moved from California to Bayville for his new job. They've been doing great adjusting to their new surroundings, according to Tim, but Hurricane Sandy was a rude awakening, forcing them to leave their home on the waterfront town.

On Sunday, October 28, Tim, his wife and their three children heeded the warnings and evacuated their home, driving north to bunk down with family in upstate New York.

But first, they brought their 15-year-old dog Sigma to the emergency animal shelter at Mitchel Field, where they knew he'd be safe until they could return.

"When you are facing an emergency situation and have to evacuate, it's so important to have a place to bring your pets," says Tim. "Some people might stay home in a dangerous situation rather than leave their animals behind."

When Tim arrived back at the animal shelter at Mitchel Field on Saturday, November 3, to pick up his dog, Sigma was clearly overjoyed to see him, wagging his tail non-stop. The Rescue Team members gave Tim a report on how Sigma did during his stay, letting the grateful owner know that the black Lab Mutt-i-gree mix--whom Tim had rescued many years before from a California shelter-- was doing just fine.

Knowing that Sigma was well fed, walked and loved during his week-long stay was a huge relief for Tim, who is returning to a house with a flooded basement.

"Overall, I feel very lucky that the damage wasn't worse," says Tim. "My wife and children are fine, and Sigma is fine, too. He's given us a lot of love over the years, and making sure he was safe was our way to pay him back."

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