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Mama Cat and Her 6 Kittens Find Hope at Animal League America

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Here at North Shore Animal League America, every day is a different adventure filled with homeless animals who need our help. Whether it’s preparing a bright-eyed puppy, fresh off a rescue transport from Tennessee, for adoption day, providing a senior cat who spent most of its life living in the same home with a temporary refuge, or caring for an injured dog in desperate need of emergency medical attention, we take pride in going the extra mile for every Mutt-i-gree® we meet.

Recently, we took part in a unique rescue of a young Mama cat and her six kittens, who were discovered by a medical examiner during a call in Queens, N.Y. She arrived to the deceased person’s home to find the seven felines huddled together in a corner. Despite being unattended to for an unspecified amount of time, the cat and her babies seemed to be in good health.

The Mama, a beautiful grey domestic shorthair, made sure her five adorable grey tabby boys and one tiny tortoise colored girl were properly nourished and well groomed, but it was obvious they needed more. Rather than reaching out to a municipal shelter, which would only hold the animals for a certain period of time before euthanizing them, the Good Samaritan reached out to the world’s largest no-kill rescue and adoption organization.

“There was no family or anyone who could care for the cats, so the medical examiner decided to be the one to make sure they were taken care of,” said Animal League America Veterinarian, Dr. Sylvia Nagy. “She carefully gathered them together in a big cardboard box and reached out to see if we would take them in since she had nowhere else to bring them. Of course, we did everything we could to help after hearing the story.”

After the kittens were dropped at Animal League America’s Port Washington, N.Y. campus, they were quickly taken into our Alex Lewyt Veterinary Medical Center to be examined by Dr. Nagy and the medical staff. She said the cat and all of her kittens were surprisingly pictures of perfection.

“Mama really did a great job taking care of her babies despite the circumstances,” she said. “The woman who found them is actually interested in adopting her, and the kittens will be up for adoption as soon as they get a little bigger.”

The six growing kittens will be placed in the care of the compassionate staff in our Nursery. Our Nursery is filled each day with the small cries of orphaned or newborn puppies and kittens. Some days, as many as 100 newborns are in our care – being hand-fed from a bottle, nurtured and cared for until they are healthy and strong enough to be placed for up for adoption into responsible, loving homes.

By becoming a Nursery Sponsor you can help care for newborn animals in need, ensuring that these precious animals have a chance to live happy, healthy lives.

These felines were lucky to have been rescued and brought to safety, but not all animals, who lose their pet parents are as lucky. Animal League America encourages everyone to consider “Who will care for my pets if something should happen to me?” We suggest that in planning for your family’s future, your will or trust should include arrangements for your companion animals. For our supporters who do not have another option, Animal League America’s Safe Haven Surviving Pet Care Program may be an alternative.

If you are interested in learning more about this program, please contact Debbie Hibbard, Director of Planned Giving at 516.812.7218 or