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The Streets of New York: No Place for Lost Dogs

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It’s cold. It’s lonely. The big city is a tough place for small dogs, and for Humphrey, a sweet American pit bull, life on the streets of Brooklyn was almost more than he could bear.

When New York’s Animal Care and Control found him, he was alone and terrified. He’d clearly been wandering homeless and hungry for some time. His young body, which should have been supple and strong, was gaunt and emaciated; his coat and skin were ravaged by a severe and painful dermatological condition, leaving his skin scaly and raw. But it was the look in his eyes that told the deeper tale: withdrawn and resigned, Humphrey looked like a dog who’d given up on the future.

Obviously, there was no time to waste. He had to get out of the bitter cold. He had to get somewhere warm and safe. He had to heal.

The AC&C contacted North Shore Animal League America, and we quickly answered the call. In short order, Humphrey arrived at our Port Washington headquarters, where our expert medical team went to work. A thorough exam revealed that Humphrey was suffering from Demodex mange, a painful skin condition that causes itching and open sores that, if left untreated, can progress to cover the entire body. He was also malnourished. Our veterinarians launched a treatment plan to help ease Humphrey’s pain. He was put on several medications as well as a special diet to help him gain weight.

Today Humphrey’s eyes are as bright as his prognosis; after further treatment, we’re confident he’ll be ready to enter our Foster Care program as he continues to recover. And then?  A loving, forever family of his own.

It is only because of the donations from our supporters that we can help animals like Humphrey — and so many other dogs and cats — get the care they need to lead happy, healthy lives. Please, join us as we continue our life-saving mission. Your donation can turn a lost dog into a loved dog. Please donate today.