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H.R. 2066, The Pets on Trains Act of 2013, would require Amtrak to propose a pet policy to allow passengers to transport dogs and cats on Amtrak trains. Currently, while service animals may travel on Amtrak, pets cannot. 

The lift of the Amtrak pet travel ban will enable more people to include pets in their travel plans. Under the provisions of this legislation, Amtrak would have to designate one pet friendly car in each passenger train (where pets would need to be in carriers no larger than carry-on size luggage) and also allow pets in kennels to be placed in temperature controlled cargo areas (likely to be used for larger dogs). While this legislation includes exceptions, such as for trips of 750 miles or more, and requires passengers to pay a fee for each dog and cat transported, it opens the door for more pet friendly travel.


Contact your US Representative and ask him/her to co-sponsor and support this legislation. Also contact your two US Senators and urge them to sponsor a similar bill in the US Senate.

Go to and At the top right of the screen you can access contact information for your Representative and US Senators. You will be directed to their home pages where you can e-mail them your message in support of this legislation.