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April 2014 - Puppy Mill Rescue - 75 Dogs Saved

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Oklahoma Puppy Mill Rescue Saves 75 Precious Lives

Port Washington, NY, April 29, 2014.

Off the van they came, one by one, each placed gently into the outstretched arms of an NSALA staff member or volunteer.

Seventy-five dogs, every one with his or her own red collar and leash, every one accompanied by a pink index card. On the card was a number, starting with the letters PM, which stand, sadly, for “puppy mill.” But more important, the card also bore a name: Bradley, Sprite, Iris, Neutron, Pluto, and Luna, to list just a few.

So, yes: These dogs might have begun their trek from Oklahoma as anonymous puppy mill “property,” but by the time they reached our no-kill Long Island campus, each was a very special somebody — a bit frightened, perhaps, but nevertheless ready for the next leg of the long journey to a forever home.

They arrived in climate-controlled comfort on Saturday, April 26, after a 1,500-mile trip in one of our Mobile Rescue & Adoption Units. All came from large commercial breeding facilities in Oklahoma, where they’d lived in tiny cages and under brutal conditions, many of them for years. Ranging in age from older puppies to six-year-old adults, they include Yorkshire terriers, morkies (a Yorkie/Maltese cross), Shih Tzus, Chihuahuas, schnauzers, and a few other breeds.

Once the rescues arrived at our facility, they were immediately evaluated behaviorally and medically in preparation for their adoptions, scheduled to begin at our shelter headquarters in Port Washington, N.Y., on Wednesday April 30.

“We are so excited to rescue another large group of wonderful dogs,” says NSALA Shelter Director Christina Travalja. “Though they had a dreadful start to their lives, they are now in a safe place where they can finally be comfortable while they await their new homes. With each adoption we see how much love and appreciation these little dogs give to their new families and how resilient they really are.”

Like all of our puppy mill rescues, this effort is part of our Humane Relocation Program, which transports dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens to the safety of our facility from overcrowded municipal shelters, puppy mills, natural disasters, and other life-threatening situations.

As we celebrate 70 years of life-saving dedication and innovation, we are especially proud of our Humane Relocation Program. Launched in 1991 and supported by compassionate people like you, this program has saved the lives of hundreds of thousands of animals from across the country. Your continued contributions will enable us to rescue many more in the years to come.

To see some of the animals up for adoption at our shelter, please visit the Adopt a Shelter Pet section of our website.

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