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Unique Rescues Help Animal League America Save More than 900 Lives in April

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Since its inception in 1944 North Shore Animal League America has proved that no rescue is too big or too small when lives of innocent dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens are at stake – Cayman Islands, Turks and Caicos, Istanbul, Taiwan, Beijing, and certainly all regions of the United States, our rescue department is always willing to assist in a rescue or welcome animals from other parts of the world if we have the space and the resources.

Recently, our organization was asked by a rescue group more than 4,200 miles away in Moscow, Russia if were able to take in five puppies in desperate need of a second chance. We have helped save the lives of more than 1 million animals in needs during our 72 years and counting of operation, but until recently have never been part of a rescue in the country which holds the title as the largest in the world. Animal League America Senior Manager of Rescue Services Cindy Szczudlo said euthanasia is all too common in many areas of Russia because of the overpopulation of strays. Countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Kenya, Egypt, Russia, and much of eastern Europe have mass dog-killing programs, so any time we can do our part to save even a few innocent lives, Animal League America doesn’t hesitate to extend a helping hand.

“Unfortunately, many young dogs and puppies are euthanized in these parts of the world because the numbers of homeless animals roaming the streets are staggering. When we received the call from one of the rescue groups over there we didn’t have to think twice about it,” she said. “We are excited to continue to work with them in the near future and save many more lives in the process.”

Aside from the collaborative rescue in Moscow, the month of April was a rather prosperous one in terms of number of lives we were able to positively impact. In fact, with the help of our many rescue partners from around the globe and our Humane Relocation Program, Animal League America was able to rescue more than 900 homeless animals in the span of just 30 days. Although improving the lives of the companion animals in our own backyard will always be our top priority, assisting rescue groups in different parts of the world has allowed us to make an even greater impact on the lives of the animals who count on us. With more than 15 out-of-state transports in which hundreds of animals were relocated to our Port Washington, NY campus, a Puppy Mill rescue from the Midwest where 80 dogs and puppies were relieved of a life of overbreeding and unsanitary conditions, and joint rescue with Peggy Adams Animal League of West Palm Beach, FL that provided new life for 68 cats and kittens just as “kitten season” began to blossom - the mission never changes – it only continues to expand.

“Simply put, our Humane Relocation Program gives these animals an opportunity at a second chance at life,” said Animal League Senior Director of Operations, Sylvia Ottaka. “In the south alone, there is such an over-abundance of puppies and dogs that are abandoned with nowhere to go because there just aren’t enough homes. Because of this program we are able to bring these animals up to our Port Washington, N.Y. campus where they’re placed into responsible, loving homes.”

By donating to help fund a future rescue transport you can help us fulfill a need and do a great service for the animals that we serve. If you want to become one of the generous donors who help to fund different phases of the Animal League’s mission, contact Senior Vice President of Development, Jill Burkhardt, (516) 883-7900, extension 833 or