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February 2015 - Saving Lives Has No Boundaries at North Shore Animal League America

February 11, 2015: For 70 years, North Shore Animal League America has been guided every day by the values of our mission statement; Rescue, Nurture, Adopt.

It’s a three-step process that ensures that every homeless animal that comes through our Port Washington headquarters not only receives top-notch medical care, but ultimately gets a second chance at life in a loving, permanent home. It’s not uncommon for us, as pioneers in Humane Relocation, to rescue hundreds of animals each week from various states around the country, but recently we were part of a special cross-country rescue mission.

Last Thursday night, as most of us were bundled up in bed, the Animal League’s Off-Site Rescue Team was unloading a plane filled with more than 160 dogs and puppies at Farmingdale’s Republic Airport. These dogs, mostly small breeds like Chihuahuas, Dachshunds and Wirehaired terrier mixes, were rescued from overcrowded municipal shelters and flown cross country from California. Of the 161 dogs on this life-saving transport, 100 of them were carefully loaded onto two state-of-the-art mobile units and driven to the friendly confines of the Animal League’s Port Washington campus. Within a week’s time, these dogs will have been examined by our medical staff, meticulously manicured by our grooming team, and shown more TLC than they likely have throughout their entire lives. It’s this kind of individualized attention and specialized care that makes the Animal League the leader in the no-kill movement.

“Any time we are able to go out and rescue animals that otherwise would not have the opportunity to live a happy, healthy life, it’s a great thing,” said Director of Offsite Adoption Programs, Anthony Angioletti. “When you are unloading the plane and you see the dogs in their cages, it’s obvious they are scared and confused because they don’t know we’re here to help. Soon enough, they’ll realize they are the lucky ones. It’s nice knowing that we can make that kind of impact.”

These lovable little bundles of joy will be available for adoption starting Wednesday, February 11th at our Port Washington campus – just in time for our Valentine’s Day 50% off adoption special for all approved adopters. What better time to be shot with Cupid’s arrow of love and open your heart and your home to a rescue animal from North Shore Animal League America?

In addition to the dogs from the California rescue transport, the Animal League has continued to go to great lengths to save the lives of homeless animals in need.

Whether it’s a Puppy Mill rescue in the Midwest, a rescue transport filled with adorable puppies from one of rescue partners down south, or saving our local animals from the imminent death of overcrowded municipal shelters, we strive to provide redemption to as many homeless animals as possible. Over the past two weeks, the Animal League has rescued over 365 innocent homeless dogs, cats, puppies and kittens. That’s 365 animals whose lives were saved and the same number of second chances at life because of our unwavering rescue efforts both near and far.

“If we are able to rescue that many animals every week, or every two weeks, it means that we are doing everything possible to save as many lives as we can”, said Manager of Rescue Services, Cindy Szczudlo. “The more animals we help to find homes, the more rescues we can do. It’s the circle of life here at the Animal League.”