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October 2013 - Puppy Mill Rescue - 88 Dogs Saved

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North Shore Animal League America Rescues 88 Dogs and Puppies from Midwest Puppy Mills

In late October 2013, after a 3,000-mile roundtrip drive, one of Animal League America’s Mobile Rescue & Adoption Units arrived at our no-kill headquarters with 88 dogs and puppies saved from inhumane puppy mills in Oklahoma.

The dogs range in age from about older puppies (about four months and up) to adults, and include Chihuahuas, Maltese, Yorkshire Terriers, German Shepherds, Poodles and Pomeranians, among other breeds.

As with all of our rescues, each animal is given a thorough medical and behavioral evaluation as soon as they arrive at our doors. While we give all of the animals we rescue compassionate and loving care, dogs rescued from puppy mills are handled with the utmost tenderness, since they have often suffered from severe neglect.

"These sweet canines have been through so much in their lives," explains Sylvia Ottaka, Senior Director of Operations at Animal League America. "Mill dogs are kept in very small cages, usually made of wire, and most are never given any socialization or medical care. But despite their trauma, they are among the most resilient, brave animals you can imagine. I am always so moved by their capacity to learn to trust and bond with humans who show them the love they so richly deserve."

Joanne Yohannan, Senior VP of Operations, adds, "In my three decades in animal rescue and welfare, I have been privileged to witness thousands of miraculous stories, and many of them involve the precious, courageous dogs from mills. I am deeply grateful to everyone who supports our mission to rescue, nurture and find homes for these amazing animals, and all the other dogs, cats, puppies and kittens we rescue."

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