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February 2014 - Puppy Mill Rescue - 90 Dogs Saved

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North Shore Animal League America and MuttNation Foundation Join Forces to Bring Nearly 90 Dogs to Safety
Thanks to our partnership with the MuttNation Foundation, nearly 90 dogs have been saved from a Midwestern Puppy Mill this week. The MuttNation Foundation was founded by Country Music Superstar Miranda Lambert and her mother, Bev Lambert, with the goal of working to end pet homelessness in the United States.

Our Emergency Rescue Team hit the road early last week to make the trip to the Midwest, where these dogs have spent their entire lives receiving little, if any, medical care or human contact. All of our new furry friends arrived safely at our Port Washington, New York Adoption Headquarters on Saturday, February 8th after being rescued from the inhumane and unsanitary conditions of the Puppy Mill.  

Among the rescued dogs are adults that were used for breeding, adolescents and puppies, including various breeds such as Pomeranians, Papillion, Maltese, Shih Tzus, and Poodle mixes. Dogs like these, considered unsalable by large commercial breeders, are typically killed or sold at mill dog auctions for as little as 25 cents. Instead these dogs will now get a new chance for happy lives and will begin to go up for adoption on Thursday, February 13th.

Since they arrived on our campus, we have dedicated our best resources to give these dogs a truly fresh start. All of the dogs have been pampered by our professional groomers. Our veterinary staff has been working around the clock to assess each dog and provide them with the medical treatment they need, and our behavioral team is evaluating each dog to determine their readiness for adoption. All of our staff has given these dogs their first taste of loving care and individual attention. In the short time these dogs have spent with us, some have already begun to beg for affection and all of them are learning to trust each new person they meet.

“Whenever we rescue dogs from these inhumane operations, I’m always so moved by how grateful and resilient they are,” says Joanne Yohannan, Senior VP of Operations at Animal League America. “Until our Rescue Team brought them to the safety of our doors, these dogs had spent years living in small cages with little if any medical care, socialization or affection of any kind. But they seem to know they are now safe and in loving hands.”

“They are amazing animals that don’t know what love is,” said Sylvia Ottaka, Senior Director of Operations at North Shore Animal League America, “When they come here and they experience that one on one kindness for the first time, they come to crave it. They are incredibly resilient and almost always bond so closely with their adopters.” Puppy mill survivors are in essence reborn after their rescue and given a second chance to experience the life they were meant to live.

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