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August 2012 - National Rescue - 63 Dogs Saved

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Animal League America Saves 63 Dogs and Puppies from Tornado-Stricken Animal Sanctuary in Mississippi

As part of our mission to rescue, nurture and adopt as many companion animals as possible, North Shore Animal League America is always ready to launch an immediate response to natural disasters or other national emergencies that threaten animals’ lives.

Such an emergency gravely impacted one of our partners in rescue, St. Francis Animal Sanctuary in Tylertown, Mississippi, which was struck last week by a tornado. The facility at St. Francis, which is the largest no-kill animal sanctuary in the southern U.S., suffered serious damage: Two buildings were destroyed, and tragically, one dog lost its life and two others were seriously injured.

Animal League America’s Emergency Rescue Team, which arrived at St. Francis on Friday, August 17th after driving through the night, brought blankets, food and other emergency supplies to guarantee that the animals were safe. They returned on August 19th with 63 dogs and puppies displaced by the devastating event.

“When a disaster strikes anywhere across the nation, we immediately mobilize our emergency teams to safeguard animals in need,” said Joanne Yohannan, Senior Vice President of Operations at Animal League America. “We have many years of experience dealing with major national rescue efforts, including the disasters in Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Irene.

The dogs that came to Animal League America’s Adoption Headquarters in Port Washington, NY, last night were evaluated for any medical concerns and treated by our expert veterinary team. They will be evaluated by our behavioral specialists over the next few days to determine if they are ready for adoption.

“After providing emergency support and transporting animals to the safety of our campus, we know our job isn’t done,” says John Stevenson, President of Animal League America. “No rescue effort is complete until an animal is adopted into a permanent, loving home.”

This full-circle approach is an inherent part of the philosophy and mission at North Shore Animal League America, the world’s largest no-kill animal rescue and adoption organization, which has rescued more than one million companion animals since its founding in 1944.

“We are ready at moment’s notice to respond to these national emergencies and safely evacuate animals out of harm’s way,” says Yohannan. “It’s our commitment the innocent animals who depend on us for their care.”

The dogs are expected to be available for adoption on starting Tuesday, August 21, at our Port Washington, NY campus.

The Animal League is dedicated to finding permanent homes for as many innocent animals as possible, and we need your support. Please support the Animal League’s continued efforts to rescue, nurture and adopt animals in need.


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