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January 2015 - More than 400 Dogs & Cats Find Shelter and A Second Chance

At North Shore Animal League America, “Rescue, Nurture, Adopt” is much more than a mission statement; it’s a way of life.

Each day, our compassionate staff and devoted volunteers make it a priority to ensure that every companion animal that makes its way to our Port Washington campus receives top-notch care. The more animals we are able to rescue and find permanent homes for, the more space we have to accommodate new ones. It’s a never-ending cycle of compassion that usually ends with elated adopters driving off with their brand new, four-legged family members.

Therefore, the “Rescue” portion of our organization’s mission statement is a vital one to say the least. That’s why each week, the Animal League Off-Site Rescue Team travels the country with one goal in mind; saving lives! The past two weeks have been jam packed with life-saving missions across the country and around the globe. Local rescues from overcrowded municipal shelters, out of state puppy transports and puppy mill rescues, as well as an international transport all the way from the Cayman Islands; there are simply no limitations when it comes to saving animals in need.

With the assistance of our awesome rescue partners in Tennessee, Virginia, the Carolina’s and beyond, the Animal League was able to rescue more than 400 dogs, cats, puppies and kittens over the past two weeks! All of these animals, including the 14 adorable puppies transported all the way from the Cayman Islands, were rescued from overcrowded municipal shelters and commercial breeding facilities. Many of these animals would have likely been euthanized if not for the efforts of the Animal League and our rescue associates.

“When our Humane Relocation Program started nearly three decades ago we were working with the local municipalities, as well as a handful of shelters in the South. Since then, the program has grown tremendously, but none of it would have been possible without the incredible support and generosity from our donors and sponsors,” said Senior Director of Operations, Sylvia Ottaka. “We feel all animal’s lives are precious and worth saving, so not only do we focus on rescuing locally, but we’ll continue to expand our outreach across the country and around the world.”


Included in the aforementioned rescue efforts was the Animal League’s first puppy mill rescue of the New Year. Members of the Off-Site Rescue team drove one of the Animal League’s mobile rescue units more than 3,000 miles roundtrip to Oklahoma to save 73 dogs and five Persian cats from the cruel and inhumane conditions of a commercial breeding facility. The dogs and puppies on this particular transport consisted of a beautiful array of breeds such as Maltese, yorkies, poodles, German shepherds, English bulldogs, shih tzus, Pomeranians, Japanese Chins, Chows, etc. Rescue associate Kira Principato, said despite clearly being nervous and scared during the long journey from the Midwest, you could tell all of the animals were all grateful to be North Shore Animal League America Mutt-i-grees®.

“The long trip, the exhausting drive, it’s all worth it in the end when we can help unload these cages when we arrive back at the League. During the trip you get to know the animals a little bit and learn their personalities, so you want to show them as much love as you can,” Kira explained. “A trip like this is a long six days on the road, but when you think about all the good that will come from this, it makes it all worthwhile.”

Most of these lucky pooches officially went up for adoption late last week, and there was certainly no shortage of eager adopters waiting to make them part of their family. Suclsanna Fennell and her mother, Tracy, were planning to get a dog for quite some time, so when they heard about these dogs going up for adoption they didn’t hesitate. The Hempstead residents fell in love with the first dog they saw, an adorable 11-week-old shih tzu, who they planned to name Prince Junior.

“We didn’t even have to look at any other dogs. It was love at first sight from the second we saw him,” Suclsanna said while cuddling her new best friend.  “It only took us a few minutes to know that he was the perfect puppy for us.”

You can help support our mission to Rescue, Nurture, and Adopt all animals in need by donating to our Rescue Fund. Your generosity will allow us to fund additional cross-country rescues getting more animals out of harms way and into the loving homes they deserve. There is power in your giving, and you can take pride in knowing that you're helping save the lives of these homeless pets who would otherwise have been destroyed.