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December 2014 - National Rescue - 95 Dogs Saved

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Port Washington, NY, December 8, 2014

Late Friday night, as most of us were beginning our weekends, the selfless and dedicated people who make up the Off-Site and Rescue teams at North Shore Animal League America were preparing to venture out on yet another life-saving mission.
Braving the pounding rains and whipping winds, six selfless individuals from the world’s largest no-kill rescue and adoption organization, boarded two of our state-of-the-art mobile units and made their way to Republic Airport in East Farmingdale. It was there they would greet a small plane, filled to capacity with 200 crates, each containing a small dog or puppy. All of these animals were rescued from overcrowded municipal shelters in California by Los Angeles based non-profit, Bark Avenue Foundation and Marley's Mutts Dog Rescue, then flown cross country on Wings of Rescue.

For almost two hours, rescue teams from the Animal League and Murphy’s Paw, as well as employees from the airport, worked tirelessly to unload crate after crate, dog after dog. Even the pilot from Wings of Rescue pitched in during the unloading process. After the plane was empty and all of the dogs were carefully sorted and accounted for, they were then reloaded onto transport units that would take them to their next locations. It was a complete team effort for a life-saving cause, according to Animal League Off-Site Coordinator, Matt Carroll.

“Everybody who was involved was there for the same reason; to give these dogs a second chance at life,” said Matt. “It was really great to see everybody working together, fighting the elements, doing whatever was needed to make a difference in the lives of the dogs.”

“It was overwhelming once all of the crates were unloaded and you saw all of the little faces of these dogs, scared and confused by everything that’s happening. They don’t know it at the time, but they are the lucky ones,” said Cindy Szczudlo, Manager of Rescue Services at the Animal League.

Because North Shore Animal League America is a pioneer in humane relocation, we were called to action by our partner groups to take in 95 of the 200 dogs transported across the country during this rescue mission.  Once these little bundles of joy were transported back to our Port Washington headquarters, they were examined by our medical team, evaluated by the pet behavior staff, and pampered by our professional groomers. From there it will be onto the adoption floor to hopefully find loving, permanent homes.

These loveable pooches, which consist of a mixture of Chihuahuas, Poodles, Dachshunds, Terriers, Min-Pins and various small mixed breeds, will be put up for adoption on Friday, December 12th along with the hundreds of other highly adoptable shelter pets we have here at the Animal League. That weekend we will also be having a holiday adoption special - all adoption fees will be waived from 10am – 1pm on Saturday, December 13th and Sunday December 14th.

“All that these beautiful dogs want for the holidays is a loving home,” said Sylvia Ottaka, Senior Director of Operations for the Animal League. “We have a wonderful selection of animals available for adoption. Now is the time to make that commitment.”

Written by James Fitzpatrick, Staff Writer

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