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April 2013 - National Rescue - 40 Dogs Saved

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Dozens of Puppies Saved From Euthanasia—Many Available for Adoption This Weekend

Virginia rescue includes new mom Daisy and her six pups, all found chained to a trailer

Thanks to the dedication of four volunteer rescue groups in Virginia and North Shore Animal League America’s nationwide Humane Relocation program, 40 puppies and dogs that would likely have been euthanized now have a chance at a long, happy life!

On Thursday morning, our Rescue Van pulled into the safety of our no-kill shelter with 38 puppies, ranging in age from about four weeks to three months. The rescue also included two adult dogs, one of whom, Daisy (pictured right), was found chained to a trailer with her newborns.

According to Daisy’s rescuer, the dog’s owner was neglecting the dog and her puppies; instead of providing them with love and care, he left Daisy tied up, desperately seeking shelter under the trailer as she nursed her babies (pictured below).

After Daisy was saved by a volunteer from a local rescue group in Virginia, she went to a foster home with Kristie, an animal lover who regularly fosters dogs until they can find permanent adopters. She calls Daisy “the absolute best foster I ever had!”

Sweet Daisy and her six puppies are now safe and sound in our Nursery, where they are being provided with food, medical care and—just as important—love and compassion. Although the family has been here for little more than a day, the new mother and her pups are already favorites of our Nursery and Medical staff, who describe Daisy as a super-affectionate dog who is devoted to caring for her babies.

Daisy’s puppies will go up for adoption in a few weeks, after they are weaned, as will their doting mother. Most of the other puppies rescued in this collaborative effort will be up for adoption this weekend at our Port Washington, NY, headquarters.

Many thanks to the four Virginia groups involved in this collaborative rescue: Pets in Peril; Twin County Humane; Lost Fantasy Rescue; and Lee County Fosters. These groups rescue animals from overcrowded municipal shelters that must make room for new animals, which puts the current residents at risk of euthanasia. They also answer the call when they are informed of a neglected or stray animal in need of rescue.

“North Shore Animal League America has been an absolute blessing for rescue efforts in this area for me and other rescue groups,” says Ruth, whose organization is Pets In Peril. “We have literally been able to save hundreds upon hundreds of puppies and dogs in this area because of our partnership.”

According to Sylvia Ottaka, Senior Director of Operations at Animal League America, people like Ruth, Kristie and all of the others involved in this rescue are true heroes. “We work with hundreds of volunteers from humane groups all across the country, and we would not be able to save the lives of nearly 20,000 homeless animals each year without the help of these dedicated, selfless animal lovers.”

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