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Veterinarian Resources



As you know, each year in this country millions of healthy cats and dogs are killed because there are not enough homes for them all. Joining the SPAY/USA network can generate new clients for your veterinary hospital, and help put an end to this tragic problem.

SPAY/USA is a national referral service for affordable spay/neuter services. People who need assistance spaying and neutering their pets call our toll-free number, 1-800-248-SPAY. They will be referred to a veterinarian or program in their area that provides affordable spay/neuter services. For some, affordable prices are an incentive to spay or neuter a pet. Callers are mailed a referral slip/certificate to redeem the low spay/neuter rate. Joining our network is free, and free promotional materials are available upon request to promote your participation in our program.

The initial contact with SPAY/USA gives pet owners an opportunity to learn about your practice and gives you the opportunity to educate clients regarding the importance of preventative health care, e.g., annual checkups.

Your participation in the SPAY/USA network demonstrates that you are clearly a vital part of the solution to the pet overpopulation problem and shows others in your community that you care.

Spay/neuter prices can vary by region. If your prices are average (or higher) for your area, a reduction of 30% to 50% is considered reasonable for participation in the network. Some veterinarians already give discounted spay/neuter vaccination services for low-income clients, shelter animals, or strays. If you are one of these wonderful veterinarians, your prices are probably already in line with our average participating veterinarian prices. Clients pay for services at the time of their visit.

The 8,000 veterinarians that have joined our network have been very pleased with the results. We are confident that you will be too.