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Donor Spotlight

At North Shore Animal League America, we are passionate about the care and welfare of animals. As a non-profit organization we rely on people with that same passion to help support us in our life-saving mission to rescue, nurture and adopt all animals in need. We would like to shine a light on some special individuals who give us that support, not just financially, but in their actions as volunteers and activists who continue to spread awareness to our cause.

Tom and Tammy Mandia

For Tom and Tammy, supporting North Shore Animal League America represents not only their concern for companion animals but also their thoughtful approach to philanthropy. In other words, passion plus practicality equals saved lives.
Learn more about Tom and Tammy Mandia

Anna and Mitchell E. hart

For Anna and Mitchell Hart, of Great Neck, NY, the most meaningful way to honor the memory of those they've loved and lost is to help provide a loving future for homeless animals in need.
Learn more about Anna and Mitchell E. Hart

Jacquelyn Zehring

Jacquelyn Zehring has always been owned by cats. "I've never met a cat I didn't like - just some more than others!" says the Winchester, VA resident. Jackie first heard about North Shore Animal League America in the mid-70's. Jackie was searching for an organization that not only rescued animals in need, but also helped them heal and placed them in loving, permanent homes.
Learn more about Jacquelyn Zehring


Tracy Krulik & Tom Dillickrath

For Tracey Krulik and Tom Dillickrath, of Alexandria, VA, compassion for animals involves both how they live - and how they give.
"Tom and I control the things we can control," says Tracy. "We control our food, for example, by being vegans. And we make our home welcoming, safe, and fun for our rescues. But we can help only so much. By supporting North Shore Animal League America, we can help so many more animals."
Learn more about Tracy Krulik & Tom Dillickrath


Daniel & Rosemary McCarthy

As modest as they are kind, Daniel and Rosemary McCarthy have supported our no-kill mission in many ways, including adoption. At the moment, they live with four League Mutt-i-grees: Abbey, Ester, Shiloh and Peanuts.
"The McCarthy's are true advocates for our animals," says Jill Burkhardt, Vice President of Major Gifts. "They enjoy donating in a quiet way, but we just had to tell you a little about their generosity, their adored pets, and their sincere kindness. We are honored to know them and to have their support now and in the future."
Learn more about Daniel & Rosemary McCarthy


Vicky Hayes

Vicky Hayes' introduction to the League started with a few days of volunteering that grew quickly into a fierce commitment - and a new best friend. "A few years ago, I chose to spend a day volunteering at the shelter with 'Community Teamworks' co-workers from Goldman Sachs, which has long supported the League," Vicky recalls. "Then more volunteering led to an appointment to the League's National Advisory Board. Gradually my involvement opened my eyes - not just to the daily successes of placing animals in loving homes, but also to the immense efforts and passion of North Shore's leadership and staff that are required to make this happen."
Learn more about Vicky Hayes

Richard & Martha Kourbage

During their 45-year marriage, New Yorkers Richard and Martha Kourbage have adopted dogs, cat, fish, turtles, and even frogs! That's a lot of years...and a lot of animals. But for the Kourbages, it's still not enough. The fact is, they wish they could bring even more needy pets into their home.
But reality imposes limits, and so does the size of one's home. For the Kourbages, the solutions is to support humane organizations like North Shore Animal League America, something they've done generously for more than 20 years.
Learn more about Richard & Martha Kourbage

Colleen Woodell

Animal League America is honored to have the support of Colleen Woodell, who is not only one of our most devoted contributors, but also a volunteer. Colleen helps us make sure that our newly adopted animals are in good hands, spending many hours on the phone as a quality control volunteer.
Learn more about Colleen Woodell

Joffre Burger

"A house is not a home without an animal to share it with." That's the motto of Joffre Burger, one of North Shore Animal League America's most generous donors, and we couldn't agree more!
Learn more about Joffre Burger

Alexandra Fisher

From the moment she heard about North Shore Animal League America's no-kill mission, Alexandra Fisher knew that she would devote herself to supporting our work in every way possible.
Learn more about Alexandra Fisher

Ann Nasary

When Ann Nasary was ready to bring a dog into her life, she went to a pet store and bought Munchkin. "It was before I knew that pet shop dogs come from puppy mills," says Ann. But once she learned that virtually all puppies purchased in stores come from these breeding facilities, Ann vowed to make the adoption of shelter pets a central cause in her life.
Learn more about Ann Nasary