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North Shore Animal League America Celebrates Release ofFirst-Ever Cookbook!

Animal League America & Friends Favorite Recipes Cookbook

Your purchase of this collection of our staff’s favorite recipes will help provide essential medical care for our wonderful rescued animals

Click here to purchase our terrific and tasty cookbook—and help us nurture our precious rescued animals!

North Shore Animal League America’s mission doesn’t end after we rescue animals from overcrowded shelters, puppy mills, natural disasters or other dire circumstances where they were in grave danger.

From the moment a dog, cat, puppy or kitten arrives at our no-kill campus, we’re dedicated to making sure they receive world-class veterinary care from head-to-toe, whether they require only routine vaccinations, spay or neuter procedures, or life-saving surgery.

At our Alex Lewyt Veterinary Medical Center, we provide our rescued animals with a full range of services that start with an immediate exam upon their arrival. Many have not yet been spayed or neutered, and that procedure is a key element to preventing unwanted litters and helping us in our goal of ending euthanasia for countless numbers of unwanted animals in shelters around the country.

Some of the animals come to us with respiratory infections, a common but very treatable condition. For animals with more serious medical conditions, such as canine distemper or the potentially fatal disease called Parvovirus, we provide extensive regimens of medication and other life-saving regimens to give them the best chance at long, healthy lives.

Sadly, some of the animals we rescue have been neglected or abused, and for those precious canines and felines, we provide not only the finest medical care but also generous doses of love and tenderness.

But this high level of care is costly, and we depend on the donations of generous animal lovers like you to enable us to provide these essential treatments.

The dedicated staff at North Shore Animal League America created this one-of-a-kind cookbook with the goal of helping all the animals in our care feel their very best! When you purchase this scrumptious collection, you’ll not only be treating yourself to some fantastic recipes, you’ll also be helping innocent animals thrive.

From appetizers to entrees to desserts, you’ll enjoy these recipes—and don’t forget, we even included some for your pooch! It’s yours for a donation of $20.

Thank you for your purchase!