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Special Recovery Center Construction Update

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We have reached our capital campaign goal and the Special Recovery Center will become a reality in 2016!

Our Challenge

As part of our no-kill mission to rescue, nurture, adopt, and educate, we are dedicated to providing the very best medical care to the thousands of Mutt-i-grees® we rescue every year. Many dogs, cats, puppies and kittens come to us from overcrowded municipal shelters, puppy mills and other situations where they’ve received little if any medical treatment. When they arrive at our Adoption Center, their immune systems are often compromised, making them vulnerable to a wide range of diseases, from simple respiratory infections to potentially fatal Parvovirus. One of the keys to restoring these animals to full health as quickly and comfortably as possible is to control the spread of communicable illnesses. Our current setup of five isolation wards in the Alex Lewyt Veterinary Medical Center limits the numbers of animals we can treat and care for.

Our Solution

The solution is one of the most exciting projects we’ve ever undertaken: the creation of a 2,000-square-foot Special Recovery Center. This new area will help reduce the spread of contagious diseases and benefits include:

  • Saving More Lives – By reducing illnesses from infecting healthy animals, fewer will be at risk for horrible and potentially deadly mixes of diseases.  The new facility will allow more space in the medical center for emergency and routine care.
  • Reducing Pain and Suffering – By diminishing the incidence of contagious illnesses, fewer animals will have to endure the stress and anguish of these terrible ailments.
  • Adopting Animals Faster – With a reduction in contagious diseases, we will avoid the lengthy treatment regimens normally prescribed for these patients.
  • Delivering Medical Care More Efficiently – With less crowded and better situated isolation wards, our veterinarians can care for animals in the most effective and compassionate manner.
  • Achieving a Substantial Savings in Medical Costs – With fewer animals contracting contagious diseases, we will not only save lives but cut costs dramatically.

Our Donors Met The Challenge

Thanks to the generous support of many donors, we’ve met the Special Recovery Center capital campaign goal!

The Special Recovery Center is taking shape, please see how far we’ve come by viewing our construction photos below: