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Special Recovery Center (SRC)


Total Raised: SRC
Progress: 100%
Progress: 100%
Raised: $ 750000     Goal: $ 750000


We have reached our goal! Thank you to all the supporters of our Special Recovery Center!

Our Challenge
Since our founding in 1944, our mission has been straightforward and unwavering: "To Rescue, Nurture and Adopt homeless animals into loving homes.”

Today, we are leading the way for a ground-breaking revolution with the Mutt-i-grees® Movement, which emphasizes the many advantages of shelter animals and helps people realize that adoption of these animals is the right choice.

We are proud that through our many local, regional and national rescue and adoption programs, we have found homes for over 1,000,000 Mutt-i-grees®: the wonderful cats, dogs, kittens and puppies that come from shelters.

Nurturing includes a commitment to provide the very highest quality medical care to the thousands of Mutt-i-grees® we rescue each year.

Freed from inhumane puppy mills and high-kill shelters, these animals have received little if any proper medical attention. When they arrive at our doors, often with compromised immune systems, they are highly vulnerable to a wide range of life-threatening illnesses.

For these precious Mutt-i-grees® – most of whom would be destroyed elsewhere – our goal is clear: To restore them to full health as quickly, as comfortably and as efficiently as possible.

But to restore animals to optimal health and reduce their exposure to fatal illnesses, we must be able to control the spread of communicable diseases, including the horrific Parvovirus. This highly contagious and extremely hardy viral disease is particularly deadly to puppies and adolescent dogs not yet protected by vaccination or maternal antibodies, though it can affect canines of all ages.

Dogs afflicted with Parvovirus experience a host of debilitating symptoms, including lethargy, loss of appetite, fever, vomiting, dehydration and diarrhea. In severe cases of Parvovirus, dogs can die within 48 to 72 hours if they do not receive treatment by fluids and antibiotics.

In addition to Parvovirus, our Medical Center treats animals with a range of conditions, from relatively minor ailments to very serious diseases. We now utilize five small isolation wards to segregate different illnesses, but these wards are far too crowded to provide optimal isolation. While we can adequately care for up to 75 animals at a time, we house close to 100 or more on a regular basis.

In addition, our wards are in close proximity to animals being treated for a variety of non-communicable conditions, thus putting these animals at increased risk to contract more serious diseases. These conditions make it difficult for us to render the care many animals need and deserve because…

  • The spread of contagious diseases is more likely,  with more animals fighting serious illnesses – and some not surviving.
  • Animals remain sicker for longer periods of time,  resulting in extended waits for adoption.
  • Space limitations hamper the efficient delivery of services.
  • With longer stays and the chance to contract another illness, the average cost to treat some animals can escalate dramatically.

Thanks to our longtime friend and supporter Elizabeth Freed, whose support of Animal League America has known no bounds, the Center is no longer a dream. As President of the Freed Foundation—a Manhattan-based foundation that supports animal welfare, education, mental health, cancer and other worthy causes—Ms. Freed has donated $350,000 to the Special Recovery Center, nearly half of our goal. In her honor, we are delighted to name our new facility the Elizabeth Ann Freed Special Recovery Center. Learn more about this extraordinary donor.

Our Solution
Our plan is to renovate existing space on campus to create a 2,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art Special Recovery Center that will save lives.

Located in a building separate from our Medical Center, all animals with contagious diseases will be housed here and provided with the highly specialized medical care they require.

The Benefits
Our new Special Recovery Center will reap enormous benefits. By effectively isolating
Mutt-i-grees® with contagious diseases from the general patient population, we will:

  • Save More Lives – By preventing illnesses from infecting healthy animals, fewer will be at risk for horrible and potentially deadly mixes of diseases.
  • Reduce Pain and Suffering – By diminishing the incidence of contagious illnesses, fewer animals will have to endure the stress and anguish of these terrible ailments. 
  • Adopt Animals Faster – With a reduction in contagious diseases, we will avoid the lengthy treatment regimens normally prescribed for these patients.
  • Deliver Medical Care More Efficiently – With less crowded and better situated isolation wards, our veterinarians can care for animals in the most effective and compassionate manner.
  • Achieve a Substantial Savings in Medical Costs – With fewer animals contracting contagious diseases, we will not only save lives but cut costs dramatically.


Our Goal
Our goal is to raise $750,000 for construction, medical equipment and furnishings.

Your Investment
On behalf of the thousands of Mutt-i-grees® we serve each year, will you please help us build our Special Recovery Center?

You can help us prevent terrible diseases, enhance care, reduce pain and suffering, speed up adoptions, reduce our medical costs and save lives.

Your Recognition
We will be delighted to acknowledge your support through one of several attractive Naming Opportunities that will provide a lasting public tribute to your generosity.

You have an excellent and meaningful opportunity to forever honor a beloved individual or pet by demonstrating your commitment to the health and well-being of animals in our care.

Your name will also be prominently displayed at the Special Recovery Center on our “Wall of Honor.”


Wonderful Naming Opportunities are also available starting at $10,000, so please contact our offices at 516-883-7900 and speak with Jill Burkhardt or email if you would like to discuss how you can make a life-saving contribution to the Special Recovery Center* and have a section of the new facility dedicated in honor of a beloved pet or person.

*All donations made for the Special Recovery Center should be clearly marked and sent to the attention of Jill Burkhardt

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