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Car Donation Tips

  • Sign the title directly over to the charity or their Agent.
  • All States have very clear regulations about transfer of ownership for vehicles.
  • Do Not Under Any Cirucumstances Leave The ‘Buyer’ Section Of The Title Blank. By leaving the title blank you allow anyone to transfer the title directly from you to the ‘next’ buyer. There are two consequences of this oversight.
    1. The donor can remain liable for the vehicle. Liable to the buyer or possibly liable for the actions of the buyer (if the vehicle is never correctly transferred)
    2. The charity might not get any credit for the donation. By signing directly to the charity or their legal contractual agent, you make it much more likely that the vehicle will actually be used for the charitable purpose you designate.
  • Complete the BUYER section of the title by filling in the name of the charity or their agent. And sign the title exactly the way your name appears on the document.
  • Ask How the Vehicle Will Be handled. You’ll want to know that the vehicle will be picked up and transported by properly licensed and insured towing companies and that the legal transfer of the vehicle will be handled by a licensed dealer contracted by the charity or in some cases under the charity’s own vehicle license.
    • If you have questions about and our relationships with our charity partners, please contact Joe Hearn, President of Advanced Remarketing Services at 877-709-2277 or

      Donate your car, truck, boat or RV and help North Shore Animal League America rescue, nurture and adopt homeless and orphaned pets into loving homes.

      Donate online or call toll free at 1-855-688-8447 (1-855-MUTT-I-GREE).

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