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Amelia Needs Heart Surgery

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Update: July 2012

We have some sad news to share with our dedicated supporters.

Amelia, one of our precious Help Me Heal animals, has passed away. As many of you may remember, Amelia was rescued in Virginia and suffered from a serious heart condition known as PDA, or patent ductus arteriosus.

When Amelia arrived at North Shore Animal League America, our medical team immediately began a treatment protocol that began with the administering of heart medication to delay the onset of congestive heart failure. In April, Amelia underwent a balloon heart catheter procedure.

Unfortunately, Amelia required open heart surgery even after the balloon catheter procedure. Due to the delicate nature of this surgery, we knew there would be a risk that Amelia might not survive the surgery. Still, given the certainty that she would not survive long with her current condition, we opted to proceed in her best interest.

Unfortunately, Amelia went into cardiac arrest shortly after her surgery and passed away. Although we are heartbroken at the loss of this beautiful animal, we are comforted by the knowledge that we did everything medically possible to save Amelia, and that she was in a safe and loving environment.

We know that all of you who donate to our Help Me Heal programs are also saddened by Amelia’s passing. We hope that you find comfort knowing that your donations continue to support and heal so many of the injured, ailing and neglected animals who need your help.

We thank you for all you do on behalf of the animals.

Rest in peace, Amelia.

Amelia's Story

Amelia, a sweet young tabby cat, arrived at the Animal League as a result of our partnership with Cat’s Cradle, a rescue group in Virginia.

During a routine examination by our medical team, it was discovered that Amelia had a heart murmur. An echocardiogram uncovered something much worse: Amelia is suffering from patent ductus arteriosus, or PDA. In this congenital and dangerous heart condition, a major blood vessel that connects the two main arteries of the body remains open, when it should have closed naturally during the first few days of life.

If left untreated, more than half of cats with PDA die before their first birthday. And for those who survive, the chances of developing heart failure or suffering irreversible damage to the heart muscle increase rapidly, almost always resulting in premature death.

The good news: When PDA is caught early and the opening is repaired, most cats live a normal life.

Amelia requires intricate heart surgery that is the only cure for PDA.

Amelia is scheduled to receive her life-saving procedure soon—but it’s a costly operation that must be performed by a heart specialist. The ailing kitten is now in a loving foster home awaiting her surgery, but she needs your help.

Your dedicated support of the life-saving Help Me Heal Program allows us to give animals, like Amelia, the care they need to heal. Please donate today. 

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