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Little Benny — Looking to You for Luck

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UPDATE August 4, 2014:
One Lucky Kitty - Benny Has Been Adopted!

When little Benny’s story was first posted, his sad tale touched so many that we received several adoption requests for him. Brought to North Shore Animal League America with burns and singed fur, barely able to see, and almost starved, this black kitten was due for a change of luck - and change it did.

After being treated in our medical center, Benny enjoyed a few weeks recuperating in the loving care of his foster mother Donna. Once he had been medically cleared for adoption, our Foster Team went through all the applications to find little Benny the perfect home. But it was Mary’s lucky day when she got the call that she had been chosen to be Benny’s new mom! Today, Benny has a new home and plenty of love to show that his luck has changed forever.

It is only through your generous donations that we can make these happy endings a reality for pets like Benny, and for many others who come through our doors every day. On behalf of all these animals, thank you for your continued support of our Help Me Heal program.

Benny's Story

He is six weeks old, an age when luckier kittens are in the midst of being weaned.

But little Benny is not lucky. Instead, he is traumatized, having endured painful burns to his ears, face, paws, and abdomen. Our medical team describes the burns as significant but thankfully, not life threatening, adding that, at the moment, Benny seems comfortable. Doctors say it’s impossible to determine how the burns occurred — whether by accident or from abuse — though it appears they happened some time ago and are the result of fire, not chemicals.

We brought Benny to the safety of our no-kill campus from New York City Animal Care & Control in Brooklyn, certain that with your generous support — and despite his serious injuries — we could help him recover, find a loving home, and live the life of a spoiled, happy cat.

According to Diane Johnson, our Vice President of Medical Services, Benny already seems to know his luck is starting to change. “Considering what he has been through,” she says, “Benny is very sweet and allows all handling. You would think he’d be cranky or upset due to the circumstances; however, he allows the techs to clean him and apply cream to his burns with no issue. It seems as though he knows we are here to help him.”

Benny is also suffering from an upper respiratory infection, conjunctivitis in both eyes, flea infestation, and he is malnourished. Nevertheless, his little body has already started to heal, and with supportive care, antibiotics, and topical therapy, Benny has a good prognosis. He will be in our Help Me Heal Program for at least two months and will experience the nurturing care of a foster home as he recovers.

At just six week of age, Benny has experienced more hardship than any kitten should ever face. Will you please help us change this little black kitten’s luck forever?

When you donate to our Help Me Heal Program, you’re giving comfort and health to sick, injured, and homeless animals like Benny.

Please continue to support this incredible program. Your generous donations help save pets’ lives every single day.

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