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Help This Curious Cat to Breathe Easy

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A Few Ways to Describe Bogie - Curious, Lovable, Unable to Breathe

Bogie is a 7-month-old brown tabby who is full of life. He was dropped at our Port Washington headquarters when he was just a few months old and has been in our care since. From the moment he arrived, everybody who met him could see that his energy was only overshadowed by his adorable look, but there was something else about Bogie that made him stand out.  When the Animal League America veterinary staff first examined Bogie, they noticed he had a severe head tilt as well as a very bad upper respiratory infection. After a sedated examination, doctors were able to flush a large amount of thick mucus from the nasal passages of the 4-pound cat, which led to an interesting discovery that would shed much light on his chronic breathing issues.

“After examining him further we noticed that Bogie’s soft pallet, in the back of his mouth, was much longer than it should be. This basically closed off the passage between his nasal cavity and the back of his throat,” said Animal League veterinarian Philip Litwack. “The normal way cats breathe is through their noses, so obviously corrective surgery to trim the soft pallet would be necessary.”

CAT Scan Reveals the Root of Bogie's Chronic Problem

Doctor Litwack also said that a CAT scan also revealed that Bogie had a Nasopharyngeal Stenosis, which in layman’s terms, means he has a very narrow, underdeveloped nasal passage the size of a pinhole. This is believed to be the main cause for the overflow of mucus in Bogie’s middle ear, and is also thought to be putting pressure on his nerves and causing the chronic head tilt. There’s no doubt that with the severe issues Bogie has, Animal League America’s Help Me Heal Program is his best chance to recovering and living a long, healthy life.

“Bogie is going to need a tube or a stent placed in his the back of his nasal passages to create an opening that remain open in the nasal passages and the back of his throat,” said Dr. Litwack. “This will ensure that he is able to breathe properly without any issues or obstructions.”

Unleash Your Compassion and Support the Help Me Heal Program

Although the surgeries should alleviate many of Bogie’s ailments, this little cat still has a long road ahead, filled with doctor visits, antibiotics, and a lot of individualized care. With your support of our Help Me Heal Program, this fun-loving feline should be well on his way to being his lively, mischievous self in no time. Please don’t underestimate the power of your giving, because Bogie and many animals just like him would never have a chance to enjoy life to the fullest without your generosity.

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