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Young Beagle Mix Needs Your Help to Stand Tall

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UPDATE August 18, 2016: Calhoun was adopted! This sweet Beagle Mutt-i-gree has found the perfect family, complete with canine sibling. Calhoun's new parents, Lauren and John, wanted to give a loving home to a dog with special needs, and when they saw Calhoun it was love at first sight!

This sweet dog has been through a lot since he was rescued from a hoarding situation in Indiana. Thanks to the support of our Help Me Heal Program, Calhoun can put the past behind him and look forward to future full of love.

UPDATE May 12, 2016: Calhoun is cleared for adoption! Once barely able to run and play, this resilient young Beagle mix is back on all four paws and ready to meet his forever family. Shown here (at left) relaxing in our Port Washington Adoption Center, enjoying some treats after a walk.

Calhoun is housebroken, handles well on leash walks, and would do best in a home with kids over 6-years-old. He gets along well with other dogs, but no cats. If you'd like to meet this amazing Mutt-i-gree, contact Tara Guclu at 516-883-7900 x352 or

UPDATE April 16, 2016: Calhoun came in this week for a check-up after his second surgery. He's been healing nicely in his Foster home, as well as getting in some good playtime. Matt, Calhoun's Foster parent, says that he's been doing pretty well, though still a bit stiff. Calhoun will continue his physical therapy for a few more weeks and then hopefully be cleared for adoption. Special thanks to all our generous supporters our Help Me Heal program for giving this sweet Beagle mutt-i-gree a second chance.

December 28, 2015: When North Shore Animal League America embarks on a rescue mission, we never know what we’ll find when we arrive. All too often, the animals we encounter are in desperate need of medical attention, and if not for our rescue efforts, would be left to suffer and even die. This past summer, our Rescue Team traveled to Indiana and teamed up with local rescue groups to save the lives of more than 95 dogs from the cramped, filthy, inhumane conditions of a hoarding situation.

One of the dogs pulled from the tiny, packed house was a young Beagle mix, who would later be named Calhoun. When the 3-year-old dog was transported back to Animal League America’s Port Washington, N.Y. campus, our medical staff in the Alex Lewyt Veterinary Medical Center discovered several concerning issues.

“When Calhoun first arrived he tested positive for heartworm, so he had to be treated for that before we could address his other issues. We also noticed that he had abnormalities in his hind limbs, which was later diagnosed as lateral patella luxations,” said Animal League America Veterinarian, Dr. Christina Buchter. “This means that the knee caps, which usually sit above his knee, are actually sitting on the outside of the knees. In addition, the tibias in both limbs are rotated, which doesn’t allow him to straighten his legs and causes him to walk with a hunch in his posture.”

Once the heartworm was controlled, which took almost four months of steady treatment, Animal League America sent the young adult dog to the orthopedic surgeon at Animal Medical Center in Manhattan for an extensive examination. After performing a CT Scan, the specialists determined that they would have to perform multiple surgeries to correct the abnormalities in his knee caps, as well as the anatomy in the hind legs. The doctors are hopeful that after the surgeries he’ll finally be able to walk normally without any pain or discomfort.

While being treated for his heartworm condition, Calhoun was placed in Animal League America’s Foster Care Program. While under the care of his loving foster family he has made steady progress in many areas of life, so he’ll continue to stay with them during the next stages of his recovery.

“Calhoun has been with his foster family for almost six months, so he’s very comfortable there. They are very experienced foster care volunteers and want nothing more than to care for Calhoun for as long as it takes for him to be ready for adoption,” said Foster Care Manager Tara Guclu. “Calhoun is really one of my favorite foster animals! He’s housebroken, crate trained, loves meaty treats, and is just an overall great companion. I’m excited for when the day comes he’s healed from his surgeries and ready to find a loving home.”

Since multiple delicate procedures will be needed, Dr. Buchter believes it could be four to five months of healing and physical rehabilitation before Calhoun is fully recovered, but he’ll be in great hands during that time. Thanks to our Help Me Heal program Calhoun, and many animals like him, will get the vital medical treatment they need to lead the healthy, happy lives they deserve. Your donation today will help get this loveable Beagle back on his feet.


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