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Cider Needs Your Help

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The Animal League recently rescued Cider, a three-month old puppy with a condition that causes her to limp. Cider was saved from an overcrowded shelter that was not able to care for her extensive medical needs.

Upon rescue, Cider was showing signs of lameness in her front leg. Animal League veterinarians diagnosed her with a congenital malformation of her right shoulder joint. If untreated, this impairment will worsen as she grows causing lameness and increased pain.

In order to give Cider a good quality of life, she will need surgery to correct the malformation and prevent any future pain. The procedure is called a biceps tendon transposition and will give Cider the best chance at having a functional leg. However, because she is still growing, it is likely she will need additional surgery later in life to correct any future problems.

Will you please help?

If the Animal League had not rescued Cider, she would probably not be alive today. Not only does she need costly surgery, she will also need months of treatment and aftercare. This comprehensive level of care is very difficult for overcrowded shelters, and sadly, as a result, euthanasia is often the only solution.

Your dedicated support of the life-saving Help Me Heal Program allows us to give animals, like Cider, the care they need to heal.

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