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This Silver Tabby Needs Your Help to Heal from His Traumatic Injuries

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Curtis Has Been Adopted!

UPDATE May 5, 2015: Curtis spent several weeks in the Foster Home of staff Veterinarian Dr. Philip Litwack. While there, this resilient tabby wound the good doctor around his little paw, and today Dr. Litwack made it official to become Curtis' new forever family.

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UPDATE March 31, 2015: Curtis, the beautiful silver tabby with a heart of gold is ready to meet his forever family! If you have been looking for a reason to adopt a sweet, affectionate lap cat who overcame dire circumstances to become a highly adoptable North Shore Animal League shelter pet, look no further than Curtis.

Because of the loss of his eyesight, the adoption floor at Animal League America proved not to be the best fit for the sweet two-year-old cat. After recovering his gruesome injuries in the Lewyt Medical Center, it was decided that it would be best for Curtis to spend some time in our Foster Care Program so he could adjust to navigating around a new home and become more acclimated to living with his disability.

The first person to volunteer their time and open up his home was one of Animal League America’s very own - Dr. Philip Litwack. The veterinarian, who already has three cats of his own, recognized right away that Curtis was a special cat who just needed a break.

“He’s such a sweet cat despite all he’s been through. Even when he was at his worst he was gentle and affectionate and never once showed how much he was hurting,” said Dr. Litwack. “I just wanted to give him a quiet, comfortable home as he waits for someone to fall in love with him. He’s really the sweetest cat I’ve ever met.”

Dr. Litwack said Curtis does have very limited vision in his remaining eye, so he would adjust to the terrain of a new home fairly quickly, and believes the best fit would be in a quiet home with an adopter who wants an affectionate cuddle buddy.

If you have it in your heart to give Curtis another chance at life, please contact Foster Care Manager, Alex Bab at (516) 883-7900, ext. 352, or email

UPDATE March 16, 2015: Curtis, the two-year-old silver tabby who withstood severe head trauma is ready to find his forever home. Curtis has spent several weeks in the care of our veterinary team recovering from his many injuries, which included a broken jaw, several cracked teeth and catastrophic damage to one of his eyes, as well as the loss of vision in the other. Curtis has shown the true power that can come from compassion, which is major part of our NO-KILL mission here at North Shore Animal League America.

Thanks to the generous support of our Help Me Heal Program, and our talented medical team, Curtis has a second chance at life. If you’re looking to adopt a beautiful, young cat who’s resiliency is just as miraculous as his story, then Curtis is the cat for you. If you're interested in adopting Curtis, please contact our Foster Care Manager, Alex Bab, at (516) 883-7900, ext. 352, or email

**WARNING: Some images may be graphic.**

It’s been said “prosperity is a great teacher; adversity is greater.”

For Curtis, the lovable silver tabby, who recently made his way to North Shore Animal League America, this quote couldn’t be more fitting. When we first met this two-year old male cat he was facing great adversity to say the least.

Curtis first arrived at the Animal League’s Lewyt Medical Center by way of a municipal shelter in New York City, and it was apparent he was suffering badly. Animal League veterinarian, Dr. Marina Tejada, who was first to examine Curtis, detailed how the cat had clearly suffered a significant head injury likely caused by being hit by a vehicle. The impact of the collision was so severe that it caused his right eye to be dislodged completely from its socket, which unfortunately could not be saved. It also caused him to lose vision in the other eye, and left him with a fractured jaw and several cracked and damaged teeth.

If there was a lone bright spot that can be taken from Curtis’ unfortunate situation it was that the X-rays didn’t show any internal injuries, or any other catastrophic injuries that would have dramatically altered things for the worse.

“When I took Curtis out of his carrier for the first time, his injuries were immediately evident. Most unsettling, however, was his demeanor. He was visibly anxious and frightened. Rightfully so, he was acutely blind and in serious pain. It was important to me to not only address his injuries, but also to try to calm him,” said Dr. Tejada.

It was clear that this poor little cat was in severe need of medical attention, and it was up to Dr. Tejada and the medical staff at the Animal League to save his fragile life. Even though he was clearly in a significant amount of pain and in an incapacitated state, Curtis was able to let his guard down and show off his loveable personality. Once he became familiar with his surroundings and the people caring for him, this super friendly cat proved that even with his vision being taken away and his jaw being temporarily wired shut, a good, old-fashioned belly rub is never out of the question.

“From the moment you meet Curtis you see how sweet, friendly and playful he is despite the traumatic injuries he’s suffered,” said Dr. Tejada. “He will make an amazing pet for some very lucky adopter someday.”

Curtis will require extensive rehabilitation and a lot of TLC to help heal his wounds, so he can live a full and happy life. That’s why he was immediately placed into our life-saving Help Me Heal Program. If the Animal League hadn’t taken this horribly injured cat into its care, he would almost certainly have been destroyed, since many shelters don’t have the facilities to care for animals in need of such urgent medical attention.

Your donation now to our Help Me Heal Program will help us continue to provide the life-saving care that injured and sick animals, like Curtis, so desperately need. Please donate today.

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