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Help Dakota Heal from Years of Neglect

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Update: November 2012

Dakota the Pomeranian was rescued from a puppy mill where he was a stud dog. A lifetime of neglect had left him with a heartworm problem so severe he needed surgery. Last week Dakota was adopted by Maria and her family. She was heartbroken when she read Dakota's story and she followed Dakota's progress during his stay at our medical center and in foster care. "He is so cute – he is like a little lion. Everything is new to him; he plays with his toys like a puppy and he likes to drag his blanket around and take it to his crate," she says. Dakota also has new friends to play with: Maria's other two adopted dogs named Holly and Pippy.

"Dakota loves when I tell him what a good boy he is – his foster mommy did such a great job making him feel love for humans, and he is already attached to me at the hip. When I hold him he refuses to let go or he crawls into my lap and just wants to be held. It's sad when I think of what he went through, but I promised him last night that this would be his last stop, and he was about to have the best rest of his life he could imagine!"

Dakota's Story

Animal League America recently rescued Dakota, a young Pomeranian, from a Midwest puppy mill where he had lived his entire life in a cramped, wire cage. He had never experienced any human affection and he was deprived of even the most basic medical care.

Upon examining Dakota, our veterinarians discovered that the sweet dog had one of the worst cases of heartworm disease they had ever seen. The entire area around his heart, lungs and major arteries was infested by heartworms, making it difficult for Dakota to breathe and putting his life at risk.

Dakota’s case was so severe that he required immediate surgery to manually remove the heartworms.

Unfortunately, Dakota will require additional treatment to kill the worms that were not removable during his surgery and to prevent recurrences.

Will you help?

Sadly, a simple monthly pill would have protected Dakota from this awful disease.

After suffering neglect his entire life, Dakota now has a great chance for a happy and healthy life.

Please donate today to help Dakota—and other innocent animals like him—receive the treatment needed that will save their lives. Please donate today.

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