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Faith Needs Your Support

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Update: November 2011

Faith’s degloving injury has healed remarkably and her limb appears to be functioning normally. The injury she suffered to her paw was severe (with 3 of her 4 paw bones fractured) and will take some time to completely heal. Although 2 of the bones will likely heal over time, she may require surgery on the other bone.

We will keep you posted on her progress.

Faith's Story

The Animal League recently rescued Faith, a six-week old homeless kitten found bleeding and alone.

She had deep wounds, missing skin and multiple scrapes, and was unable to use her right front leg. Although the cause of her extensive injuries were unknown, it was clear that she suffered severe trauma.

When Faith arrived at the Animal League, she was immediately rushed into the medical center. Even though she was in a great amount of pain, this little survivor still managed to purr while veterinarians assessed her frightful condition. 

Veterinarians diagnosed Faith with a significantly crushed paw, a fractured and displaced humerus (upper arm bone), a degloved wrist (section of missing skin), and possible nerve damage in her leg.

Faith has already undergone emergency surgery to repair her fractured arm. Her crushed paw, and degloved wrist are being managed medically. However, because she is so tiny, some of these injuries may not heal properly, since she is still growing, and she will need to be reassessed as the healing process progresses.

It is likely that Faith will require additional surgery or skin grafts to repair any unhealed injuries or lameness. Additionally, Faith will need continous monitoring, intensive care, and extensive management of her degloving injuries.

Will you please help?

Your dedicated support of the life-saving Help Me Heal Program allows us to give animals, like Faith, the care they need to heal. Please donate today. 

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